Saturday, May 30, 2009

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Check out our new blog at and our new online store at for all our reworked and improved Boston Terrier and Boxer art posters, apparel and gift items. We also offer dog breed art, cat and kitten art, and restored vintage dog art, along with all original general art and photography.
Custom art from your dog's photo available for free! See our website for details and to upload your photo. Limited time offer, so don't delay!


derekcollins said...

Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have some clever Photos. Maybe I missed something,but have you ever consider selling you work as original art,it appears that you are only selling through printing services where you only get a percentage. Why not keep all the money. You can get a photo printer fairly cheap these day. Just a thought. Good luck,Derek

Patti Meador-Bostons and Boxers by Design said...

I used to do that a bit. I printed notecards, prints and a few other items but 3 serious back surgeries put an end to all that. Thanks for the comment and best of luck to you as well.

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